Kendall-Jackson, California (United States) Chardonnay “Vintner’s Reserve” 2017

($17):  Some would say that Kendall-Jackson (or “KJ” as it is sometimes called) created or at least stimulated America’s love-affair with Chardonnay with their “Vintner’s Reserve” decades ago.  It has since become this country’s best-selling Chardonnay for 25 years, according to their website.  The 2017 continues that streak with a silky and round fruitiness and hints of spice.  Though devoid of riveting acidity, it has enough to add brightness to the wine.  This well-priced Chardonnay would be a good choice as an aperitif, as in, “I’ll have a glass of Chardonnay,” or at the table with simply done fish. 
87 Michael Apstein Dec 18, 2018