Domaine du Petit Clocher, Anjou (Loire Valley, France) 2016

($13, Misa Imports Inc): Sooner or later, consumers will discover the joys of red wine from Anjou.  And of course, then the price will go up.  But for now, stock up on this mid-weight red.  Pleasantly austere, this Cabernet Franc-based wine focuses on herbal notes as opposed to just ripe fruity one.  It’s not for sipping before dinner, but it’s definitely for drinking when you take the meat off the grill.  Refined and polished tannins mean it’s great this summer, but it will easily retain its charm over the next few years.  A lovely juicy finish makes you return for another sip.  A superb value!
93 Michael Apstein Aug 14, 2018