Château des Jacques, Fleurie (Burgundy, France) 2015

($28, Kobrand Wine & Spirits): This Fleurie comes from two sites within the village.  (Jadot has yet to make a single vineyard wine from Fleurie.)  One site is at a higher elevation and cooler, which Cyril Chirouze, Château des Jacques’ winemaker, says provides grapes that impart elegance to the wine, while the other warmer site provides power.  His explanation is readily apparent after just one sip — though it’s impossible to stop after one sip. Floral and polished, this Fleurie delivers both seductively charming power and finesse.  This is not “Beaujolais” as you know it — it’s Fleurie.
92 Michael Apstein May 23, 2017