Stonestreet Estate Vineyards, Alexander Valley (Sonoma County, California) Chardonnay Upper Barn Vineyard 2016

($100):  Stonestreet produces single vineyard Chardonnay, which, when tasted side-by-side, are distinctly different. Whether the differences are worth the price differential is something for you and your banker to decide.  Upper Barn Vineyard, at 1,800 ft elevation, must be an even cooler site because the wine is racier compared to the Bear Point Chardonnay.   The balance of this wine, similar to Stonestreet’s other Chardonnays, is impeccable.  There’s fruitiness, there’s freshness, there’s subtle creaminess.  Nothing is out of place.  There’s not a trace of heaviness or oakiness that plagued so many New World Chardonnays in the past.  This is a stylish and elegant Chardonnay.  
93 Michael ApsteinJan 29, 2019