Ai Galli, Delle Venezie DOC (Italy) Pinot Grigio 2019

($12):   Ai Galli also shows their talents with a bargain-priced “entry-level,” as they call it, Pinot Grigio.  Fresh and floral wine, it has a captivating delicacy.  This clean crisp Pinot Grigio finishes with a welcoming hint of bitterness.  And look at the price.  Most Pinot Grigio bottlings at this price level are vapid.  Ai Galli’s is not.  Alberto Piccolo, spokesperson for Ai Galli, told me via Zoom® that he felt it was essential to avoid skin contact entirely during fermentation because the grapes’ skins are greyish in color — hence, the Grigio or Gris, in French — and could impart color to the wine.
88 Michael Apstein Feb 23, 2021