Cerulli Spinozzi, Colli Aprutini IGT (Abruzzo, Italy) Pecorino “Cortalto” 2016

($15, Romano Brands):  Pecorino is, of course, a cheese.  But it turns out to also be a grape and a wine.  An attractive bite is what the cheese and the wine have in common. Cerulli Spinozzi, one of the top producers in Abruzzo, a region due east of Rome on the Adriatic, has consistently made a winsome Pecorino.  With a pleasant white pepper-like bite, their 2106 leads with a floral hint and finishes with an invigorating saline stoniness.  Lively and refreshing, it cuts through delicately fried foods and also holds its own against full-flavored pasta.  At $15 a bottle, it’s a steal.
92 Michael Apstein Nov 19, 2019