Penner-Ash, McMinnville (Oregon) Old Vine Riesling Hyland Vineyard 2017

($35):  Many consumers shy away from Riesling because it comes in a range of sweetness, which is not always apparent from the label.  Penner-Ash uses the scale developed by the International Riesling Foundation on the back label that indicates this wine is “medium dry” on the scale that goes from “dry” (the least sweet) to “sweet” with “medium dry” and “medium sweet” in between.  Basically, a 1 to 4 scale going from dry to sweet.  What’s really important though is the wonderful balance of this Riesling.  There’s terrific ying-yang of a hint of sweetness offset perfectly by a lime-like zing.  There’s a hint of sweetness in the finish, but the overall impression is one of zesty minerals.  It would be a perfect choice as a refreshing aperitif, with full-flavored Asian cuisine or with cheese at the end of a meal.
91 Michael Apstein Mar 31, 2020