Skouras, Peloponnese PGI (Greece) Moscofilero 2021

($22, Diamond Wine Importers):  Moscofilero is a wonderfully interesting grape.  Pink or grey-skinned, like Pinot Grigio, it usually makes a floral white wine.  The aromatics make you think it will be sweet, but it’s not, which is part of the reason it is a joy to drink.  Skouras, an important producer based in Nemea in the eastern Peloponnese, does a great job with the variety.  Both edgy and fruity, the cutting crispness of their engaging 2021 makes it an excellent choice for highly flavored dishes.  A delicate hint of bitterness in the finish balances its subtle fruitiness.  Believe it or not, despite its modest 12 percent stated alcohol, its bracing acidity allows you to enjoy it with roast lamb as well.
93 Michael Apstein Feb 6, 2024