Paul Hobbs, West Sonoma Coast (Sonoma County, California) Pinot Noir 2021

($80):  The Sonoma Coast AVA is enormous, even encompassing the Russian River Valley, a warmer locate.  Growers whose vineyards were closer to the Pacific would claim their wines came from “the real Sonoma Coast.”  Finally, in 2022 The West Sonoma Coast, a strip closest to the Pacific Ocean, was rightly carved out of the greater Sonoma Coast AVA and given its own AVA.  Hobbs has captured the alluring duality of Pinot Noir — savory herbal notes and bright fruit — that comes from cool climate growing conditions.  This, his first vintage from the West Sonoma Coast AVA, leads with explosive aromas and follows with an array of bright cherry-like fruits interspersed with herbal and earthy notes.  Lively acidity in the uplifting finish keeps it fresh and amplifies its tremendous appeal.  Its suave texture allows you to enjoy its youthful vigor now, but its balance suggests its best is yet to come.  Complexity emerges as it sits in the glass, so if you opt to drink it now, savor it over a nice meal.
95 Michael Apstein Apr 18, 2023