Tongue Dancer, Russian River Valley (Sonoma County, California) Chardonnay Pratt Vineyard, Irwin Lane 2020

($42):  Tongue Dancer’s Pratt Vineyard Irwin Lane bottling seems like a marriage of their Pratt Vine Hill and their Bacigalupi, with a touch more density and fruitiness compared to the Pratt Vine Hill, but fewer tropical aspects seen in the Bacigalupi.  Like their other Chardonnay bottlings, this one has impeccable balance and great energy.  None of Tongue Dancer’s Chardonnays are heavy, oaky, or overdone.  Tongue Dancer has made a remarkable quartet of racy and graceful 2020 Chardonnays.  You would be happy with any of them.
94 Michael Apstein May 2, 2023