Loveblock Vintners, Marlborough (South Island, New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc “Tee” 2022

($22, Terlato Wines International):  The owners of Loveblock Vintners, Erica and Kim Crawford, are certainly no newcomers to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, having established the very popular Kim Crawford label.  Loveblock Vintners is their new venture, after selling the Kim Crawford brand to Vincor which eventually was gobbled up by Constellation Brands.  The Loveblock wines are made entirely from vineyards that Erica and Kim own.  This electrifying 2022 Sauvignon Blanc fits the profile of one from the Marlborough region with a crisp lime-tinged zing.  The barest sensation of sweetness in the finish balances all those refreshing and mouth-cleansing citrus notes.  For those to whom it matters, the wine contains no added sulfur.
88 Michael Apstein Sep 26, 2023