Mount Langi Ghiran, Grampians (Victoria, Australia) Riesling 2023

($23):  Mount Langi Ghiran, best known for their array of stunning Shiraz wines, makes an equally compelling Riesling.  I know, isn’t Australia too hot for Riesling?  Much of the country is, but Mount Langi Ghiran’s location in the cool Grampians district of Victoria is ideal for that grape — and of course, given their reputation, for Shiraz.  They don’t make much of it, 500 cases annually or about two percent of their total production, but it is worth seeking out.  The crisp and clean 2023 Riesling combines the barest hint of delicate fruitiness with a cutting mineral component that awakes the palate without screeching.  A delicate and welcome hint of bitterness in the finish reinforces that this is a very dry Riesling.  It would be an excellent foil for the plethora of flavors in an omakase meal.  It is an equally good choice for spicy food because the acidity cuts through the spice and invigorates the palate.  It will be a refreshing after work aperitif this summer.  The screw cap allows you to have a glass, replace in the fridge, and have another glass the next day.  But my guess is that after the first glass, you will just take it to the table.
93 Michael Apstein Feb 6, 2024