Campo alla Sughera, Toscana IGT (Tuscany, Italy) “Campo alla Sughera” 2019

($89):  With an unusual blend of roughly 70 percent Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc, Campo alla Sughera’s Super Tuscan is remarkably well-balanced.  The unnecessarily heavy bottle predicts the weight of this 14.5 percent stated alcohol wine.  That said, it retains suaveness and poise.  Bolder than their Arione, its lavish black fruit harmonizes seamlessly with a dark minerality.  Lively acidity keeps the wine bright, which means it does not tire during a meal.  Unsurprisingly, and befitting a young grand wine, it grows and develops as it sits in the glass.  Campo alla Sughera’s appealing hint of bitterness in the finish just adds to its allure.  If you drink it now, decant it well before a meal and pair with a hearty beef dish.  Otherwise find room in the cellar for it.
94 Michael Apstein Jul 4, 2023