Jordan Vineyard & Winery, Alexander Valley (Sonoma County, California) Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

($60):  Jordan deserves high praise for never wavering from their course of making full-flavored yet elegant Cabernet Sauvignon.  Rob Davis, Jordan’s first and longtime, 1976 to 2019, winemaker, told me he wanted “wines with balance” with low alcohol, not “tannic monsters.”  The 2018 fits their style — elegance and freshness.  Thankfully, not a powerhouse — weighing in at less than 14 percent stated alcohol — it impresses with length and grace.  There’s plenty of flavor here, both fruity and savory, but without a trace of heaviness.  Uplifting acidity amplifies its charms.  As usual, fine tannins allow immediate enjoyment.  But don’t be deceived by its approachability.  At a vertical tasting in 2012, the Jordan 1976 Cabernet had developed splendidly.  So, if your bank account allows, put some in your cellar.
94 Michael Apstein Jan 24, 2023