Xanadu, Margaret River (Western Australia) Chardonnay “Vinework” 2021

($27, RWG USA):  Xanadu’s rich and luxurious Vinework Chardonnay bookends beautifully with their Circa 77.  It is plush yet not heavy.  It may not have the alluring minerality of white Burgundy, but it does have the Burgundian sensibility of flavor without weight, as the 12.5 percent stated alcohol reflects.  Finesse and elegance combine with an ideal depth of flavor.  The less-is-more philosophy works well here.  While there are nuances of white peaches and citrus notes, the exact flavors are far less important than the overall impression: a balanced racy Chardonnay that’s a joy to drink.  And a bargain to boot!
95 Michael Apstein Sep 26, 2023