Pasqua, Prosecco Rosé DOC (Veneto, Italy) Extra Dry 2020

($18, Pasqua USA): Though Prosecco Rosé might be a brilliant marketing tool, combining too hot categories of wine, in reality it is an official Italian DOC.  To qualify, the wines must be vintage dated and contain Pinot Noir, both of which will push up the price.  Extra Dry terminology for sparkling wine is a misnomer in this instance since these wines will invariably have residual sugar and sweetness, not necessarily a bad thing because it can balance the acidity imparted by the bubbles.  Pasqua’s is a friendly rendition.  The touch of sweetness makes it a perfect choice as a welcoming aperitivo as well as a good match for spicy Asian fare.
88 Michael Apstein Sep 13, 2022