Domaine de L’Églantière, Chablis Premier Cru (Burgundy, France) Fourchaume 2021

($27):  Domaine de L’Églantière is one of two estates owned by Jean Durup Père et Fils, one of the top producers in Chablis.  (Château de Maligny is the other.)  You often will see both the name of the estate and Durup’s name on the label.  This Fourchaume has the depth you would expect from that vineyard balanced by an underlying stoniness characteristic of Chablis.  A delicate lacy floral aspect appears as it sits in the glass.  Enlivening acidity in the finish keeps it fresh and amplifies its charms.  It is another example of why Chablis is often the place to look for bargain-priced top wines.
92 Michael Apstein Sep 27, 2022