Domaine Trapet, Alsace (France) Riesling “R.Q.W.R.” 2018

($27):  My first introduction to Trapet, years ago, was with their stunning Burgundies.  Then I discovered they also make wines in Alsace.  Unsurprisingly, given their finesse-filled Burgundies, their wines from Alsace, made from organic and biodynamically farmed grapes, show grace and elegant as well.  The back label announces that it is Riesling from Riquewihr, which explains the mysterious R.Q.W.R. on the front label.  It delivers a seamless balance of stones, floral elements, and fruit.  Not piercingly dry, its roundness balances the mineral bitterness.  It would be an excellent choice for sushi or spicy Asian fare.
91 Michael Apstein Sep 27, 2022