Famille Bouey, Bordeaux (France) “Les Parcelles No 8” 2020

($20, Quintessential Wines): This third offering from Famille Bouey shows what happens when you substitute Cabernet Franc for Cabernet Sauvignon.  The blend is still Merlot-heavy (80%), but Cabernet Franc replaces its brother.  I assume the name, Les Parcelles No 8, refers to particular plots where Cabernet Franc and Merlot do especially well.  There’s a real step-up in complexity with less emphasis on ripe fruitiness and more on earthy, non-fruit flavors.  The texture, like Bouey’s other wines, is refined, but the balance between fruity notes, savory ones, and acidity here is even better.  And the finish even longer.  A touch more structure tells me this would be a good choice for grilled lamb chops.  It also shows that you needn’t spend a fortune for good Bordeaux and helps explain why wines from that appellation are so popular.
91 Michael Apstein Aug 30, 2022