Sylvain Langoureau, St. Aubin Premier Cru (Burgundy, France) En Remilly 2020

($53, Jeanne-Marie de Champs Selection):  Sylvain Langoureau is one of those excellent producers who has not yet achieved cult status, which is good news for savvy consumers because his wines remain undervalued.  Combine his talents with a fantastic vintage for whites and voilà, you have a stunning white wine.  Displaying the barest hints of butterscotch, the riveting acidity of the vintage imbues it with tremendous energy.  Befitting a young wine, it opens while it sits in the glass, so don’t rush it.  Delectable now, its balance and my experience with Langoureau’s wines suggests it has a long life in front of it.  I hate to say it, but given the prices of white Burgundy these days, this one is a bargain.
93 Michael Apstein Oct 4, 2022