Dutton-Goldfield, Green Valley of Russian River Valley (Sonoma County, California) Chardonnay Dutton Ranch, Walker Hill Vineyard 2017

($50):  The contrasting Chardonnay under the Dutton-Goldfield label displays the same balance and suaveness as its brother from the Rued Vineyard. Instead of citrus notes, subtle toasty and nutty ones caress the palate. Still, great enlivening acidity keeps it fresh throughout the meal.  Like the Rued Vineyard Chardonnay, this one has enormous energy.  Neither of these wines tire during dinner.  Is one “better” than the other?   I think not, which is why I score them the same.  They are variations on the same theme.  And a lovely theme at that.
95 Michael Apstein Dec 24, 2019