Tongue Dancer, Russian River Valley (Sonoma County, California) Chardonnay Bacigalupi Vineyard 2016

($50):  Tongue Dancer, the project of experienced winemaker James MacPhail and Kerry MacPhail, is an odd name for a wine but is supposed to evoke the image of wines that dance on your tongue.  If the name sounds odd, the label is even weirder.  The taste of this Chardonnay, however, excuses all of that.  Spicy and bright, it’s a lively Chardonnay with excellent depth.  Though it focuses on its fruit flavors, a white pepper-like spice imparts energy and a subtle creaminess adds allure.  Forget the label, buy it to enhance sautéed scallops.
92 Michael Apstein Nov 27, 2018