Caposaldo, Prosecco Rosé DOC (Veneto, Italy) Brut 2020

($14, Kobrand Wine & Spirits):  It may sound like a brilliant marketing ploy, but Prosecco Rosé is a new recognized category with its own DOC.  As with all Prosecco — and wine in general, for that matter — there will be an enormous range of quality and style.  The regulations for this DOC require the wine to be vintage-dated and to contain Pinot Noir, two requirements that likely will push the price.  Which makes this bottling all the more attractive. This crowd-pleasing, pale pink bubbly leads with delightful floral aromatics and finishes with a pleasing freshness.  Though labeled Brut, it had a roundness to it.  This light and lively Prosecco is ideal for summer entertaining.
89 Michael Apstein Aug 3, 2021