Caves de Beblenheim, Crémant d’Alsace (France) Heimberger Blanc de Noirs NV

($18, Votto Vines Importing):  A Crémant d’Alsace Rosé is as safe a bet as you can get for a well-priced pink bubbly because regulations require it be made entirely from Pinot Noir.  Moreover, believe it or not, Pinot Noir does well in Alsace, especially now with the enhanced ripening due to climate change.  This wine also dispels the myth that co-ops don’t make good wine.  This Blanc de Noirs (literally, “white from blacks,” but rosé in color) from Caves de Beblenheim, a co-op founded in 1952 and now comprising 152 growers, displays finesse and depth, which makes it a fine choice either as an aperitif or to accompany hearty fare, such as a seafood stew, grilled bluefish, or, if you are matching colors, grilled salmon.  Its price makes it a fine choice for a large gathering.
92 Michael Apstein Jul 13, 2021