Center of Effort, Edna Valley (Central Coast, California) Chardonnay “Center of Effort” 2015

($35):  Nathan Carlson from Center of Effort insists that Edna Valley is ideally suited for Chardonnay.  And indeed, Chardonnay is the most planted grape in the area, according to him.  Judging from this five-year old wine, I agree that Edna Valley is an ideal place for this variety.  Unsurprisingly, it has a darker straw color than their 2017 Effort, yet maintains youthful verve because of great acidity.  It combines a subtle creaminess with a tropical, pineapple-like fruit and spice.   Either the bottle age or their starting with higher quality fruit makes this an excellent choice now.
94 Michael Apstein Mar 16, 2021