Merry Edwards Winery, Russian River Valley (Sonoma County, California) Sauvignon Blanc 2018

($38):  Merry Edwards, one of California top Pinot Noir producers, is also making a name for herself with Sauvignon Blanc.   Edwards’ working with Sauvignon Blanc should come as no surprise since she was responsible for the legendary ones from Matanzas Creek when she was the winemaker there.  For almost twenty years, she has been producing consistently memorable examples using that variety under her eponymous label.  The Merry Edwards style of Sauvignon Blanc is more similar to what a top Bordeaux estate would produce rather than one coming from the Loire Valley.   The 2018 fits that mold: lush, creamy and refined, with just a hint of the edginess for with the grape is known that keeps it in balance.  It reminds you that Sauvignon Blanc can reach great heights in the right hands.
95 Michael Apstein Feb 16, 2021