Château de Corcelles, Vin de France (France) Gamay “Les Copains d’Abord” 2018

($18, Seaview Imports):  Château de Corcelles, an historic property located just east of Villé-Morgon, produces a range of Beaujolais.  They also produce this wine, entirely from Gamay, presumably, from vines that are located just outside of the Beaujolais delimited zone.  Though it has the charm of Beaujolais, they can’t legally call it that.  Hence, it falls into the very general category of Vin de France.  It’s fruit-focused, but not overdone, nor sweet.  Fresh, with mild soft tannins and good acidity it’s an “everyday” type of wine for burgers or pizza.
86 Michael Apstein Feb 16, 2021