Couly-Dutheil, Chinon (Loire Valley, France) “Les Chanteaux” 2018

($30, Cynthia Hurley French Wines):  White wine from Chinon is unusual since 95 percent of the appellation’s output is red.  Couly-Dutheil, one of Chinon’s top domaines, consistently produces a fabulous example of white Chinon along with their stellar range of red Chinon wines.  Made exclusively from Chenin Blanc, white Chinon combines the fruitiness of the grape with a distinct mineral component that growers there attribute to the chalky soil.  Couly-Dutheil’s 2018 Les Chanteaux is stunning, delivering subtle peach-like nuances with bracing acidity that amplifies the wine’s charms.  Refreshing and uplifting by itself, it’s also a great foil for roast pork or a spice-coated roast chicken.
92 Michael Apstein Apr 28, 2020