J. de Villebois, Pouilly Fumé (Loire Valley, France) 2018

($26, Vineyard Brands):  People often ask what is the difference between Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé.  Regulations require that both wines are made exclusively from Sauvignon Blanc.  Sancerre is on the west bank of the Loire while Pouilly sur Loire, the town that gives the wine its name, is about 10 miles away on the east bank of the river.  Since J. de Villebois makes both wines consumers can compare and see, or in this case, taste the difference. Villebois’ Pouilly Fumé is slightly more suave than their Sancerre. Though it has a fraction less electricity — making it a touch more subdued — by comparison, it still has a great cutting edginess to it.  It’s a good trade-off.
88 Michael Apstein Feb 11, 2020