Georges DuBoeuf, Morgon (Beaujolais, France) Côte du Py “Jean-Ernest Descombes” 2019

($35, Quintessential Wines):  The Côte du Py, a blue-stone slope, is the best-known subregion within the Morgon appellation.  Gamay grown here takes on a firm and distinct mineral-like character, which often takes a couple of years to soften.  However, the warmth of the 2019 vintage brought out a ripe bright dark cherry-like fruit in this Côte du Py.  Its granitic-like background lends an intriguing ying-yang of fruitiness and firmness.  Its ripeness allows this Morgon Côte du Py to be enjoyed now.  The inherent acidity of the Gamay grape keeps it fresh and lively.  Its tannins are more apparent compared to those of Château des Capitans, so it’s not suitable for chilling.
91 Michael Apstein May 18, 2021