Domaine Paul Pernot et ses Fils, Bourgogne Blanc Côte d’Or (Burgundy, France) 2019

($30, Jeanne-Marie de Champs Selection):  Domaine Paul Pernot, one of the top producers in Puligny-Montrachet, opts to use the new appellation, Bourgogne Côte d’Or, for this wine that they formerly labeled as Bourgogne Blanc.  The new appellation requires that the grapes come exclusively from the Côte d’Or, the heart of Burgundy. ( For a wine labeled Bourgogne Blanc, the grapes could come from anywhere within Burgundy.)  In Pernot’s case, nothing except the label has changed.  The origin of the grapes remains the same, from parcels that lie outside of the delimited Puligny-Montrachet area.  The delicate Pernot style and the high quality of the wine remains constant.  The clean and crisp 2019 delivers peachy nuances, enlivened by good acidity.  Long and refined, it represents an excellent expression of white Burgundy and remains a good value.
91 Michael Apstein Jan 26, 2021