Cà Rugate, Soave Classico (Veneto, Italy) Monte Fiorentine 2015

($20): Both the 2015 and 2016 are in some markets simultaneously.  They offer a superb example of the differences between the vintages, with 2015 being riper and 2016 being racier.  Hence, something for everyone.  Cà Rugate opts to use Garganaga exclusively from this 15-acre vineyard that sits about 600 feet above sea level.  A cooler microclimate from the elevation helps explain the excellent acidity and freshness in this 2015 Soave Classico.  The dark volcanic soil imparts depth of fruit.  Fresh and lively, it’s an energetic wine, especially for a 2015. Those preferring more richness in their wines will seek out the 2015, while those whose tastes run toward tauter wines will prefer the 2016.  Frankly, I’m happy with either.
90 Michael Apstein Sep 19, 2017