Domaine Aurelie Berthod, Chorey les Beaune (Burgundy, France) 2020

($40):  The vast majority of the vineyards of the Côte d’Or — and certainly all the great ones — lie on a slope to the west of the D976, (formerly the RN76), the major north-south highway than runs from Marsannay in the north to Maranges in the south.  The bulk of the vineyards of Chorey les Beaune lie on the wrong side of the D976, where the land is flat.  Chorey les Beaune is only one of three village appellations that lacks any premier cru vineyards (the other two are St. Romain and Marsannay).  Despite its geographically-challenged position, at least within the Côte d’Or, consumers should search out its wines because from good producers, such as Domaine Aurelie Berthod, enjoyment abounds.  The warmth of the vintage aided ripeness in less prestigious areas, such as Chorey les Beaune.  The restrained and clearly talented hand of Aurelie Berthod infused a charming and bright cherry-like aspect surrounded by fine tannins.
91 Michael Apstein Jul 5, 2022