Bouvet-Ladubay, Saumur (Loire Valley, France) “Tresor” 2018

($20):  The Loire Valley produces a lot of sparkling wines under Crémant de la Loire appellation.  Often overlooked are sparkling ones from other Loire appellations, such as this one from Saumur, an appellation that predates that of Crémant de la Loire and mandates that the grape come a smaller area just around the town of Saumur.  For Bouvet’s Tresor, a blend of Chenin Blanc (80%) and Chardonnay, the still wines spent 9 to 12 months aging in oak barrels before blending and the secondary bottle-fermentation.  The oak nuances add a richness that nicely balances the firmness imparted by Chenin Blanc.  Tresor makes a fine aperitif but has sufficient umph and interest to happily accompany seafood offerings or a roast chicken with a mushroom sauce.  And for only twenty bucks, it would certainly transform an evening when a take-out rotisserie chicken is on the menu.
90 Michael Apstein May 3, 2022