Channing Daughters, North Fork of Long Island (New York) Cabernet Franc 2019

($30):  New York is the country’s third leading state (behind California and Washington) in terms of wine production.  The North Fork of Long Island is one of the state’s leading regions.  Cabernet Franc does especially well there.  Thankfully, over the last decade winemakers have transformed the character of their Cabernet Franc from a Cabernet Sauvignon-styled powerhouse to a lighter, Loire-style version.  Channing Daughter’s 2019 Cabernet Franc is a terrific example of that style.  Weighing in at 11.8 percent stated alcohol, it is a light to medium weight red with persistence than belies its low alcohol.  Redolent of bright red fruits, it also conveys herbal leafy notes that make Cabernet Franc such a thrilling wine.  Suave mild tannins provide adequate structure without astringency.  This fresh, clean red is ideal for summertime fare, or as their website aptly puts it, “most anything coming from a pig.”
93 Michael Apstein Apr 19, 2022