Gambal-Work, Sta. Rita Hills (Central Coast, California) Pinot Noir Bentrock Vineyard 2018

($65):  The darker, more mineral profile of Gambal-Work’s Bentrock Pinot Noir is reminiscent of a Burgundy from the Côtes de Nuits.  It has the same splendid duality that the Francesca Pinot Noir conveys, but with more black (rather than red) fruit and a deeper, more tar-like mineral component, reflecting a warmer site.  Similar to the Francesca, its suave texture and bright acidity makes it hard to resist now.  Similarly long, this energetic Pinot Noir, like its stablemate, finishes with the barest hint of bitterness, adding to its appeal.  These are two of the most appealing and captivating California Pinot Noirs I’ve tasted in a long time.  Grab some friends and try them side by side to experience the magic of terroir yourself.
97 Michael Apstein Jan 18, 2022