Denis Jamain / Domaine de Reuilly, Reuilly Rouge (Loire Valley, France) Pinot Noir 2018

($24, Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants):  Cognoscenti know Reuilly, a tiny (300-acre) off the beaten track appellation in the eastern Loire, for its Sauvignon Blanc-based wines — kind of a mini-Sancerre.  Curiously, Denis Jamain has more Pinot Noir planted there than Sauvignon Blanc (~20 acres versus 15).  It turns out that the Kimmerigdian limestone soil, similar to what’s in and Chablis, is ideally suited for both varieties.  This 2018 has lovely density, secondary, no doubt, to the warm vintage that gave a boast to ripening of Pinot Noir this far north.  This lively Pinot Noir displays mineraly traits along with savory and fruity ones.  The focus here is more on the savory and mineraly side of the variety rather than its fruity side.  It’s a great bargain, especially for Pinot Noir, which is notoriously expensive.
92 Michael Apstein Dec 7, 2021