How to Download Spotify Premium Free Account

Spotify has a platform to provide control on moreover 50 million tracks. But why not availing this premium account profitability for free? The first-ever question which hits an individual’s mind. How can we get a premium for free for which we have to charge monthly? Is it possible to do so? So the answer is yes we can get Spotify premium for free but not from the Spotify application directly. We have to block it or make use for free of it by our self.

People love to listen to music. People listen to music daily and according to their moods. If you are a music lover, then hopefully you are enjoying it legally. There are several websites that provide downloading and streaming websites to listen to music nowadays. If you are a music freak, then you are known with Spotify. And you are interested to know how to get a free Spotify account. This website provides every type of music. You can listen to the music of your choice and mood from here.

You can effortlessly download and listen to your favorite music online by using appropriate applications. Spotify is one of the popular websites for music If you are an active user of a Spotify, then you must be very curious about how to get Spotify premium accounts for free.

How to Download Spotify Premium Free Account

Now comes the part of the article which you have been waiting for, read this article to understand how to download Spotify premium free application in your device. You can use the below-given methods to install the premium app in your device and use it for free without paying even a single penny. Have a look at the below-given points and use them to get your premium version for free.

Using the 3 Month Fee Trial Period: The free trial for the application earlier was only for 30 days i.e. a month, now it has been extended for up to 3 months. So, now you can use the premium application for free for 3 months trial period. If you want to continue to use it afterward, you can pay for the same amount for which is not very much and you also get a discount if you get the combined subscription for 6 months or a year. To get the free trial to follow the steps given below:

1. Login to your free Spotify account.
2. When the app is opened and you’ve logged into your account, you will see four buttons below, click on the last button named ‘Premium’.
3. Click on the Get Premium button on the screen, and you will be transferred to the next window.
4. There below the subscribe panel, you can pick your premium. Select the 3-month free trial and then click on ‘Get Premium’.
5. Enter your card details and click on the ‘Start my Spotify Premium’ button.
6. Your premium account will be activated and you can enjoy your premium subscription then. Make sure that you unsubscribe and cancel your card a day before the 3-month trial expires if you don’t want your money to get deducted.

Downloading the APK App of Spotify Premium Account: You can download the apk app available on the internet and then use it to access the premium Spotify account for free. Just install the apk app and use the username and password given below to access it for free:

1. Search for Spotify premium account apk and download it from the internet.
2. Install the apk in your device by clicking on the downloaded apk file and start the process of installation.
3. Once the app is installed you can launch it and use the premium features of the app for free.

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